Look like Silver Pegasus

I visited my friend’s  blog here, and I found one of blog entry linked to Doubutsu uranai similar with horoscope.

Based on wikipedia that Doubutsu uranai (in Japanese) or zoological fortune-telling is a recent Japanese divination trend based on an animal horoscope. Each person is categorized into an animal-type based on their birthdate, and based on their animal-type they are supposed to have certain personality traits. There are four categories of animals, each representing a position on two axes: self-centered vs. mindful of others and focused vs. easily distracted.

I remember that 2 years ago, my best friend asked me about this question “Could you explain your self in three words?” …oh…oh its simple thing but hard to say…and then currently I found this link and I try to catch about “Who am I?” the result is I’m similar with Silver Pegasus.

Silver Pegasus

So, If you ask me back, is it true?…Mhm…that I’ve mentioned before “It’s difficult to say” and don’t believe it, just for fun 😀

[quote]Silver Pegasus person tend to be honest and your mind runs on a single truck.
Therefore, you tend to be little bit obstinate and hard minded.
You try to make your own way no matter what.
Nevertheless you can be kind and be sympathetic towards people, and tends to take care of them.
Your personality is that you tend to act rashly and can not stay still.
You are a responsible person and once you take up something, you will follow through to the end.
Your persevering character is recognized as a person who can be relied on, and many people have trust in you.
You do not possess good bargaining tactics.
However this weakness is one of your attractive sides.
Although you lack the fanciness to stand on the center stage, you can put hard effort.
Because you tend to follow your ideals, you may get in a lost when your conviction and beliefs are weak.
Sometimes you may feel failure even after putting in great effort.
You are full of adaptability, adjustability and taking action.
You will be successful by using these merits well.
You are a strong person and can overcome adverse circumstance without feeling gloomy.
You tend to be an idealist, and you can carry on expressing your self on something you feel strong about.
If you can get on a job that you wouldn’t get bored, you will express great talent.[/quote]

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